The Group recognizes that our business conduct will have a significant influence on the development and enhancement of the marketplace. We are committed to operate in a responsible manner based on sound business ethics in our retail business, safeguarding the well-being of our customers and taking accountability of our action by upholding effective Corporate Governance practices without compromising long term value creation.

Long Standing Leadership with Customers

In order to maintain the positive relationship with our long term customers at all levels, we are constantly working towards providing reliable products of a consistently high quality, complying with Shariah requirements for halal products and achieving customers satisfaction in the process. We also engaged and interact with our customers and consumers via our website or facebook.

The Group's Rewards its Customers

Towards our effort give privileges and excellence services to our customers, we have organized plenty of reward campaigns throughout the year to appreciate our loyal customers.

Working with Suppliers and Other Services Providers

Our suppliers and other services providers play a critical role in our business aspirations. They also contribute towards achieving or sustainability and environmental goal. We expect them to behave responsibly and where possible, to use sustainable procurement process to enhance the social, environment and economic well-being of our communities.